A favorite event since its very first appearance (circa 1999) Playwrights/Playreadings is the Geneva Theatre Guild’s nod to one of the critical, but oft forgotten elements of theatre: the playwright. We look for original scripts, with a running time of 30 minutes or under, and perform in intimate venues around Geneva. These dramatic readings allow for low-cost access for theatre patrons, and the intimate setting gives the audience a chance to interview players, directors, and sometimes the playwrights themselves about even the smallest details about the creative process and the end result.

Playwrights Playreadings 2018 – April 27, 28 & 29, 2018

Thank you to all who came! Check back here next Spring to find out what we’re up too!



By Kat Meads, Directed by Ellie Stearns

Nevermore: Jim Porto, Stage Directions: Alexa Mitchell

Webster’s Bitch
By Jaqueline Bircher, Directed by Meredith Beckley*

Joyce: Judy McMillan, Gwen: Chris Woodworth, Ellie: Afton Noha

Nick: Jason Kinsey, Stage Directions: Flora Hao

Face(book) the Music

By Gerry Ringwald, Directed by Steve Mitchell

Jane: Katie Snyder, Dick: Eric Duchess

Sunni: Yuan Yuan, Stage Directions: John Spare

Reunited (and it Feels so Cruel)

By Gerry Ringwald, Directed by Chris Sauter*

Bill: Chad Meyer, John: Steve Mitchell

Chez Wallington

By Jay Hanagan, Directed by Nicholas J. Goodman

Mildred: Melissa Witchey, Giacomo: Dennis L. Bishop

Announcer: Wanda Wang, Molly: Alyssa Otoski

Yolanda: Linda Stevenson, Seymour: Steve Duprey

Rude Patron: Paul Wenderlich, Lance: Stanley Weaver

Gwen: Larry Ann Evans, Stage Directions: Alexa Mitchell

*Denotes a new Director


Next Chance!


A date will be set in early January for when we will be accepting Proposals for the 2019 Season!

Check back here then for more info!